Analysis of a Successful Field Marketing Event Planning Guide

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When you think of a successful event planning guide, what factors come to mind as a field marketer? Is it creative event programming or in-booth giveaways? Is it engaging promotions, such as personalized webinar invites? What about a detailed list of metrics to track for the most in-depth ROI analysis? You might be a field marketer if you answered with an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ to these questions.

Because field marketing is such an ever-changing (yes, the term ‘experiential’ may come to mind 😉) marketing discipline, it is hard to pin down how to plan out the perfect event. To this end, your team may come across dozens of field marketing event planning guides in your strategy sessions to help figure out how to host the most successful event possible.

How will you know your field marketing event planning guide was successful for your team? Here are few questions to ask:

—   Did this guide focus heavily on data? Data and metrics are the foundation of any successful marketing event, especially for demand gen events. If your planning guide doesn’t talk about data, it might not be suitable for your team.

—   Did we learn something new about event marketing from this guide? Your team of field marketers are already experts in your field, and the whole point of using a guide is to learn something new. Look for planning guides that are modern, cutting edge, or have some angle to work with.

—   Can we take any new lessons learned and leverage them in our team’s larger marketing strategy? Any time your team plans and executes a marketing event, there should be takeaways that can be used across different marketing efforts, even those outside of event marketing.

—   How well does this planning guide scale across the other event channels (virtual, hybrid, in-person) we’re using this year? The look and feel of field marketing events have changed over the past year and a half. Make sure your event planning guide keeps up with these changes by providing guidance that can be scaled across multiple event channels.

—   How heavily (if any) does this guide rely on bringing in sales support or resources? Modern field marketing events typically include a heavy dose of sales-focused demand generation efforts. Do a quick audit of your planning guide before you commit so you can determine precisely how big of a collaboration is needed between marketing and sales before you get too far down the road.

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For too long, event marketing efforts have been beyond the scope of traditional marketing tracking and ROI measuring tools. This left event marketing disconnected from the larger strategic realm of marketing – until now. With Circa, event marketing teams can present a holistic picture of demand generation, field marketing, and event efforts as part of a larger marketing strategy – with the ROI to back things up.

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Analysis of a Successful Field Marketing Event Planning Guide

Circa Staff
Circa Staff


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