Creative Ways to Use Event Marketing Technology at Your Next Field Event

Dan Heron

As event marketers, ‘creative’ can often be used to describe everything we strive to achieve. From promoting events to potential attendees to re-thinking speaking sessions to building eye-catching, engaging booth installations, creativity is in everything we touch. But what about when it comes to technology?

Event marketing technology has, for many years, been stuck in a sort of limbo. On the one hand, the size and scope of marketing events – even virtual and hybrid events – has grown, meaning that so much more can be achieved in the span of one event. On the other hand, technology has lagged, often being reduced to a badge scanner or CRM platform or, in the case of virtual events, the capabilities of whatever event platform is being used.

As event marketers who take the word ‘creative’ seriously, we think there’s more to event marketing technology than just what’s always been done before. Here are a few *truly* creative ways to use event marketing technology at your next event:

—  Localized attendee promotions: For event marketers in 2021, hybrid events are here to stay. For most hybrid events, there is an in-person element and a virtual element for those who cannot attend in person. Instead of promoting both the in-person and virtual elements to all potential attendees, leverage localization to attract in-person attendees from around the geographical area close to the in-person activities while promoting virtual options to those who may be farther away.

—  Personalized speaking sessions: If you are hosting a virtual event, try personalizing speaking sessions and offering break-out rooms based on different attendee profiles or roles. For example, if you have both CFOs and CMOs attending a virtual conference, presenting both a finance-leaning speaking session to CFOs and a marketing strategy-focused session to CMOs – all as part of the same event – can help deliver even more engaging content to attendees and drive even more follow up action after the event.

—  Virtual event options: While in-person marketing events are back on the table for many industries, there are some perks of online events that aren’t going anywhere soon. Even if you’re presenting or sponsoring a booth at an entirely in-person event, you can still take things online for attendees by using QR codes, virtual reality consoles, and other channel-spanning technology at your booth to get people logged in, sharing their information, and asking for more details.

Marketing events may be changing, but they’re only getting more and more creative. With the right technology, your team can take field marketing events from old-school to the future. You can learn more here.


Creative Ways to Use Event Marketing Technology at Your Next Field Event

Dan Heron
Dan Heron


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