How Circa Works

As the B2B events industry continues to transform due to the global pandemic, the question left for many marketing leaders and executives is “How are we going to execute our event marketing strategy now?” Meanwhile, their sales and marketing teams have been saturated with so many digital tools to put on virtual events that they are at a loss for how to quantify their demand generation and the ROI of their events. This is where Circa comes in.

With Circa, you can manage up to thousands of B2B marketing events each year with any combination of virtual, hybrid and in-person events:

  • Measure ROI for any individual event or across your entire event marketing channel
  • Get automated recommendations for potential future events, including predictive ROI
  • Use any combination of video hosting platforms, like Zoom, GoTo Webinar, ON24 or Bizzabo for virtual and hybrid events
  • Integrate seamlessly with your broader MarTech stack to promote your events and effectively manage event campaigns, leads and opportunities
  • Manage all events from a central calendar
  • and much more...

Depending on your role in the enterprise, you will use Circa differently. In this post, we are going to look at the primary roles teams have and how Circa can support their workflows for the company’s B2B events.

Marketing Leaders and Executives

As an executive, you have cast a suspicious eye on the high costs of events, you have been getting more data and metrics now that events have gone virtual but as things begin to open up again, you need to know how investing in big event budgets translate to sales. With Circa, you will be able to get a better read on attendee engagement at both virtual and in-person events and see actionable insights that the sales team can convert into revenue. So instead of sitting blind and waiting on your events team to calculate event ROI, just log into Circa and see how your events are doing and get the numbers you need to decide on where to focus the company's energy.

Streamlined dashboard to understand the status of all your events


As part of the sales team, you are left out of a lot when it comes to event data. There seems to be a disconnect when it comes to connecting sales reps with qualified leads or getting valuable insights about event attendees. You have been loving virtual events because they take less time, cut costs, and give you more insight that you have not had traditionally. Yet, you know you are going to be going back to in-person events soon. And wouldn’t it be great if you could maintain the quality of data and insights that you got accustomed to?

With Circa, sales reps will be able to have data synced to their Salesforce to provide the real-time data they need to help close deals. You will have access to reports traditionally only marketing had to help inform you on who to prioritize, and you will receive alerts on crucial indicators that you might have missed while working the floor. No more waiting on the marketing team to export attendee data and send it to you. No more spending hours correlating engagement data to leads. By logging into Circa, you can submit event requests and meeting activities that will automatically be tied to the marketing campaigns and your calendar. This will allow your work to be attributed to the larger event marketing strategy creating more ROI for you and the company.

Event Marketers and Organizers

As an event marketer, you have a whole lot of platforms and tools to manage now with the new normal of virtual events. Your event staff team has reduced as the number of marketing tools and automation has increased. At the end of the day, all you want to do is show that the experience you put together was successful and hit your goals.

With Circa, you can have a single dashboard for all your event planning from budgets, vendor coordination, calendar, and staff management. It is not replacing all the tools you like to use for your events so don't worry about that! Rather it is a marketing tech integrator so you can focus on content and organization and let Circa automatically create a dashboard so you can see all your event data and tools in one place. You just log in, set up a one-time integration with the tools you use to host and organize your events and you will be on your way to improve communication between all the stakeholders and audiences you market to. Make your life easier before the event and make your executives happy post-event with straightforward data-driven event reports.

Finally, Your Events

At the end of the day, your entire company is trying to create amazing experiences for both online and in-person audiences. You continue to figure out how to leverage the best industry tools to host your events. Our B2B marketing integration platform allows you to have a single source of truth for your events. You use the tools you need for your events, we will take care of the backend so you can see your event ROI. Backed by our enterprise-level security, you will be able to start planning your events, virtual, hybrid, or in-person, knowing that the whole team can see how their specific roles are leading to success.

Pulling off data-driven events requires a lot of "behind the scenes" work from multiple teams at your company. Connect your tools to Circa and we can give you the event data insights and ROI information that you never knew you had!

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How Circa Works


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