How-To Create a Marketing Event Planning Guide That Works for Your Team

Kathleen Reed

In marketing, it's an old rule that we should never try to 'reinvent the wheel' unless it's necessary. This is why guides, templates, and cloneable project plans are so popular with marketing types. Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing events, things aren't always created equal.


From virtual to in-person events to audience profile to whether an event is for customers or prospects, there will always be aspects of marketing events that change from event to event. However, this doesn't mean that marketing teams can't leverage guides and templates to help plan out their events. Instead, marketers have the opportunity to pick and choose different aspects of marketing event planning to create a customized version of the ultimate event planning guide.


How to create the ultimate marketing event planning guide for your team


Ask the following questions to build your ultimate event planning guide:


1. What are our event goals? Understanding your event's bottom-line goals and objectives can help you move things in the right direction – and plan initiatives that can help meet your KPIs.

2. What is your budget? Your budget needs to be established as early as possible in the planning process so that when you move on to the 'fun' things, you can keep costs in check.

3, Who (and what) are our resources? What internal and technological resources do you have available to help you plan the event? An event planning team of one can achieve very different things than a team of five or six. This also goes for the available technology stack, such as virtual meeting software, CRM integrations, and more.

4. What is the program? Now comes the fun part – planning the actual event itself. Depending on your event channel (in-person, virtual, or hybrid), you will need a different planning guide for the different event components, such as speakers, exhibitors, presentations, sponsors, etc.

5. How are you marketing your event? This is where you can pull in the full creative chops of your entire marketing team. From social media to email to direct mail and sponsored posts, these are all the steps you need to take to build the ultimate marketing promotion plan.

6. What are the follow-up steps? As we all know, marketing events don't end when the event is over. Your planning guide should include post-event follow-up steps to ensure you're reviewing the correct data, identifying insights, and sharing your findings with stakeholders.


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How-To Create a Marketing Event Planning Guide That Works for Your Team

Kathleen Reed
Kathleen Reed


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