Is It Time to Safely Return to In-Person Events?

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Three Considerations:

Over the past year and a half, marketing events (and all other in-person activities) were shifted en masse from face-to-face to virtual. Unfortunately, this was not out of choice but out of necessity to keep people safe and healthy during a global pandemic. In-person marketing events just couldn’t be managed safely enough to warrant meeting, especially when virtual options were so readily available.

Today, however, we are finally (fingers crossed!) on the other side of this pause to everyday life. Widespread vaccine distribution has ensured that everyone in the U.S. that wants to get vaccinated has the option and ability to receive a vaccine. In addition, over the last nineteen months, society has become more aware and conscious of the health risks posed by in-person contact and how to prevent these risks.

Here are some points to consider when deciding whether or not it is safe for your team to return to in-person events:

— The type of event you’re attending or hosting

All events are not created equal, especially when it comes to in-person health and safety measures. If you’re concerned about safety at your upcoming events, think about the type of event you’re hosting or attending. A giant conference in an event center basement is different from an intimate outdoor happy hour at a local restaurant. Ask your attendees what they’re comfortable with and adjust your itinerary to meet their comfort level.

— Health & safety precautions in place

We haven’t spent the last two years practicing social distancing and disinfecting for nothing, and these precautions can roll over into your event marketing strategy. Asking attendees to wear masks, giving out hand sanitizer as booth swag, and strategically setting up demo stations to take social distancing into account are all ways you can put health and safety precautions in place while still embracing in-person engagement.

— Virtual options still available

Even if you’re running headfirst towards in-person events, keep in mind that virtual options are still available. It has become the norm to provide a virtual option for any in-person event, creating a hybrid, multi-channel event strategy. Your attendees will appreciate the option and attention to their safety, and your marketing team can experiment with new and exciting marketing campaigns and ideas.

Is your team returning to in-person events this year?

Like almost everyone else in the world, event marketing teams are clamoring to get back there and do what they do best – engage directly with people. Whether your team is returning to an entirely in-person schedule this year or if you’re gearing up for more hybrid events, the Circa event marketing platform can help make the transition easier.

Circa makes it easy to get back into the in-person event mindset, from transparency into all event marketing activities to easy ROI tracking. You can learn more and get started with the Circa platform here.

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Is It Time to Safely Return to In-Person Events?

Circa Staff
Circa Staff


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