The Data-Driven Field Marketer: How to Use Event Marketing Technology to Make Decisions

Alex Patriquin

The modern SaaS landscape, regardless of your industry or department, is built on data. Data is the lifeblood of many organizations. When it comes to making large-scale strategic decisions, the most high-performance teams won’t make any decisions without the correct data in their corner.


Finding the data in events

While this probably sounds great to most field marketers, it’s hard to get too excited. Because most event marketing data is elusive – meetings scheduled, leads generated, content downloads, etc. – it can be hard to track and understand with traditional tools. However, with the right technology, event marketing teams can uncover the insights hidden in marketing events to make better, more strategic event marketing decisions in the future.

Here are a few ways technology can help your team make better, more focused decisions:

— Previous event results & outcomes: First and foremost, there is tracking historical data. This means measuring things like registrations, attendees, leads, conversations, and more. Looking back at what your team did well at – and what channels produced at the highest level – can help inform your event marketing strategy moving forward. So how can event marketing technology help? By tracking and measuring what’s happening on the backend, your team can better know how your programs are running.

 — Industry insights & benchmarks: Second, it’s essential to look at the events themselves, as well as industry data, to help inform your event marketing strategy. While measuring how well your team has performed at specific events is a great place to start, it’s also a good idea to analyze industry benchmarks for a fuller picture. Find a database of marketing events with detailed metrics associated with different event outcomes (registrations, attendees, etc.) to find the ones most suited to your team. 

— Event ROI: And, finally, the numbers themselves. Event marketing is so dependent on ROI that it is often one of the first things field marketers will look for when planning their larger event strategy. But how can you calculate ROI without the right technology on the backend? Event marketing technology can help uncover this ROI data by automating and streamlining data gathering and calculation and analyzing ROI insights to help field marketers make more strategic decisions.


How is your team tracking event marketing data?

Modern marketing events are notoriously difficult to track. It can be hard to make solid and strategic decisions without the correct data and insights in your corner backing up your choices. If your team isn’t tracking event marketing data, what are you waiting for? Check out these additional resources on becoming a data-driven field marketer, available now from Circa:


The Data-Driven Field Marketer: How to Use Event Marketing Technology to Make Decisions

Alex Patriquin
Alex Patriquin


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