Why Circa?

Julie Crabill

Strategic Advisor


Julie hits on some major pain points that event marketers face today, and how a tool like Circa can help alleviate some of those challenges.

My name is Julie Crabill. I'm an advisor and board observer for Circa.


HowCirca can elevate the struggles marketers face every day

Marketers all over the world are using really inadequate spreadsheets to track their events and the rest of their lives, and it's extremely painstaking and painful for the people who are working for you if they're doing it right now. So I'd say the first pain point that it solves is that it takes some of that pain away. And I think a lot of people, historically, haven't really cared if their employees have been in pain, but that world is changing. There's a massive labor shortage on the heels of COVID, so we're not gonna see employees just sucking it up and dealing with it anymore. If you don't get them the software they need to best be able to do their job, they're gonna leave your company.

And then I would say the second pain point is that ability to collaborate, work together out events, make sure the different departments in your company aren't stepping on toes, and that you're not wasting money sending the wrong people, multiple people in different groups to the same event without knowing it. And then finally, massive, massive ROI benefits. So when you go to an event, it's not just about meeting people and having beers, which is important, but it's about, at the end of the day, making those sales and making numbers. So if you put the right stuff in and you can get the right data in, what Circa can help you do is get the money out of events.


Working with tech startups and life in Santa Fe

Yeah, I've worked with tech startups, most of that 20 years I've spent in marketing. And every time I end up working for a larger company, I regret it. I think startups have that scrappiness, that agility, that ability to watch what the market is doing and understand what's happening before it happens so that they can be ahead of those curves. As you get into larger and larger companies and older and older companies, it gets harder to see those moments, and to have somebody who's really looking out for what's coming next and what's gonna change. And I think startups sort of likeCirca are always looking for what's gonna be next, and that's what really excites me.

I've been living in Santa Fe for about three and a half years, and I think it's an amazing place. There are great people.There's really amazing food. The culture is so rich and so deep, so if you're into art or if you're into sitting and soaking in a hot tub, or if you're into new and modern stuff, or if you just wanna party, Santa Fe is a great place to come. I also say it's really beautiful. You can do everything from ski to hike and mountain climb. And there's this amazing quality about the sky, which is why things like Balloon Fiesta happen here. It's just something that you can't get anywhere else, no matter the time of day or time of year. And please, come in the winter and enjoy sort of crisp beautiful snow that isn't sludgy and it feels like true winter wonderland.