Why Circa?

Kaily Baskett

Director of Revenue Growth


Kaily talks about the importance of customer advocacy in a world with so much online feedback visibility, giving the customer more power than ever before.

My name is Kaily Baskett, I am the Director ofRevenue Growth at SlapFive. So we're a customer marketing platform and a lot of our clients are in the advocacy space, and so with that comes a lot of surprise and delight of their customers, and that's where events come into play. So my background is in psychology, and I've been in the sort of tech start-up space for quite a while now.


Adjusting your favorite parts of in-person events to fit into a virtual world

Pre-COVID, obviously, there were a lot more group meet-ups in the community that we have, that my company helps to organize, it's called Customer X Community. This community is made up of around700 folks in the advocacy and customer marketing space, and there are different cohorts in different cities across the US, and so previous to COVID, there would be sort of a leader in each of those cohorts that would bring people together, but once COVID hit, we really had to pivot away from doing on-site video capture at these events, which is something that we would do interviewing customers just like in this format. And so when COVID hit, we put a lot more investment into our remote capture system, and so we're able to push out questions to people that they can answer wherever they are, so whether it's on their phone or on their laptop.

So prior to COVID, our clients would have us come out to their conferences and do interviews in a very similar format to this, where we would call it a minute booth. So you grab somebody who's at the conference, who's really excited and in that moment of buzz and interview them, but with obviously not being able to do in-person events, we were able to instead transition to capturing these things digitally. And so a lot of our clients put on really wonderful events and they pivoted and we're able to find ways to make their digital events really engaging, and so we enable our clients to capture their voice of their customers during those events, even when they're digital. So it's almost like having a breakout room that you just access through the UI of whatever conference platform that they're using.


The importance of customer advocacy in a digital world

To me, customer advocacy is really born out of the fact that consumers have a lot more power today in general, with things like Yelp, with things like Amazon, everywhere you look today, there are ways for people to review what they're doing, and that's slowly creeping its way into the B2B world. So every company now has the double-edged sword of having a lot of visibility into what people think about their company, whether that's onGlassdoor or G2 Reviews, advocacy has become so much more important over time, and so providing your clients with opportunities to share their thought leadership and give them a platform to do whatever is gonna bring value to them. So I think it's different for every single company, they have to go out and ask your customers. What is it that's going to bring the most value to you that we can provide in this program? And so that's something that we help our clients do, is sort of foster those conversations with their own clients, so that they can bring them opportunities and experiences like something like this that really bring them value in their career and just in their day-to-day lives as well.