The Great Hunt for Event Marketing Data Continues!
Virtual Event

The Great Hunt for Event Marketing Data Continues!

Identify how to discover hidden treasure in your event marketing data
Friday, June 25, 2021
11:00am MDT

As B2B event marketers, we have to make sense of all the data that have accumulated from dozens of different martech platforms we use to put on events nowadays. What are other event marketers doing to be more data-driven in their marketing? What are some tricks and tips to get started? How do we find hidden treasure inside the data we already collect?

This month, we will network and socialize together on how we can use event marketing data to drive our company’s event marketing strategies. This interactive and engaging event is a chance to share your insights and experience about data-driven event marketing and learn what strategies your peers are using.

To kick things off, we will be hearing from Kathryn Frankson, Global Event Marketer of Informa, to get insight on how event marketing has become the primary channel for sales and demand generation due to the large amount of data that can be captured from participants. Then, we will jump into a virtual professional networking event with twine. Anh Nguyen, Head of Community Engagement at twine will be introducing the new video networking platform and give us a little understanding of how you can use this tool for your sales and marketing events. 

Join us Friday, June 25th, for a 1-hour virtual speed networking adventure to discover the hidden treasure in your event marketing data!