Event Budgets

Report to key stakeholders across your entire organization

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"As we support a $1B+ global business with hundreds of events and meetings around the world, Circa uniquely solved our objectives through a single platform to plan, track and manage our event strategies. We now possess a single source of truth to manage all events—with real-time insights for access 24/7. Circa has played a key role in our global events strategies to-date, and will going forward."

Michael Farrington

Vice President of Global Marketing
Track budgets by planned vs. actual vs. paid
Event Budgets
Filter & export custom views for different stakeholders
Track invoices, payments and PO numbers

Turn your virtual event into a sales machine.

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What else can you do with Circa?

Virtual Events & Webinars

Run virtual events that guide attendees toward a sale, not just attending

Sales Engagement Alerts

Alert sales when prospects engage with virtual events & webinars

Virtual Attendee Insights

Enable sales to personalize outreach based on prospect interests & persona

Virtual Event Analytics

Track actual engagement at virtual events & meetings, not just registration

Virtual Event CRM Integration

Integrate events & webinars with CRM

Virtual Event ROI Reporting

Report on sales, budgets & influence with real-time visibility

Event Registration

Register attendees for virtual, hybrid or in-person events

Event Calendars

Align sales & marketing with a single calendar that updates in real-time

Event Request Forms

Enable stakeholders to submit requests for any type of event