Zoom Analytics

Report on engagement time & more in Zoom Meetings & Webinars. Effortlessly integrate your virtual event with Zoom and gain access to priceless data that empowers you to track attendee engagement, personalize outreach efforts based on attendee insights, and efficiently report on ROI. Effectively assess your virtual event’s value and use your in-depth Zoom analytics to propel your company into the future of event management by improving the attendee experience and delivering insights to exhibitors and company stakeholders.

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“The big question is 'How do we reach our customers virtually?' Circa has helped us do just that.”

Debra Frey

Event Marketing Manager
Filter with custom fields & export reporting to Excel.
Zoom Analytics
Integrate Zoom, Salesforce CRM & more
Enables sales with a unified view of prospect activity at virtual events & meetings.

Turn your virtual event into a sales machine.

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Virtual Events & Webinars

Run virtual events that guide attendees toward a sale, not just attending

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Alert sales when prospects engage with virtual events & webinars

Virtual Attendee Insights

Enable sales to personalize outreach based on prospect interests & persona

Virtual Event Analytics

Track actual engagement at virtual events & meetings, not just registration

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Integrate events & webinars with CRM

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Report on sales, budgets & influence with real-time visibility

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