Why Circa?

Circa Releases No-Cost Competitive Event Intelligence Tool

July 27, 2021

Circa, the world’s only online event marketing platform built exclusively for demand generation and field marketers, has launched a free tool to help B2B marketers develop their in-person, virtual and hybrid event strategy as the industry recovers from the pandemic. Event Intel by Circa is a searchable, crowdsourced events database and Chrome Extension that lets marketers track competitors and the broader B2B landscape, saving hundreds of hours researching trade shows and conferences.

“2020 was tough for so many industries. This new tool is our way of giving back and helping companies adapt to the post-pandemic events landscape, with the data they need to compete on any industry events calendar,” says Circa’s CEO Alex Patriquin.


Event Intel by Circa enables marketers to discover and track B2B events that competitors are hosting, sponsoring, exhibiting or speaking at. The tool also enables marketers to analyze competitor events by format, i.e. whether an event is virtual, in-person or hybrid.


While other online event directories exist, Event Intel by Circa offers the unique capability to add new B2B events from any website with the click of a single button. The tool captures all of the key data from those event websites and provides ongoing updates and trend reporting. 

“When we relaunched as Circa in August 2020, we'd seen 40,000 upcoming in-person events either cancelled, postponed or pivoted to virtual as a result of the pandemic. We've been tracking these trends closely for over a year and decided the timing was right to make it freely available to the industry.” 

Additionally, Event Intel integrates with Circa’s main platform, which is used by enterprises, such as Salesforce and Okta, to manage a central calendar, budget and sales ROI report for hundreds to thousands of B2B events. 

Event Intel is made with 100% publicly accessible and crowdsourced event data. No customer data from Circa's main platform is used by Event Intel. 

What can you do with data from Event Intel by Circa?

- Compare virtual events, in-person events and hybrid events

- Monitor competitor, partner and industry trends

- Analyze competitor event strategies

- Compare hosted events, sponsored events and speaking engagements

- Identify and rank B2B event speakers and influencers

- Discover new events to sponsor, exhibit and speak at

- Export event data in spreadsheet format

- Automate tedious data entry

“Our team has had the job of manually researching competitors, event discovery and creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet,” he said. “This tool will make event marketing so much easier.”

Find out more at intel.circa.co 



Circa is the world’s only event marketing platform built for demand gen and field marketers. Circa helps sales and marketing teams work on events everywhere and every way their customers gather.