2021 Planning – Special Offer

Try Circa's Virtual Event Insights & Alerts for 30 days

Are you planning your 2021 marketing events & webinar calendar? If so, Circa has a special, limited-time offer for you.

Circa's Virtual Event InsightsAlerts could make 2021 your best year ever – by finally tapping into the key signals of buyer intent that have waited in the wings of in-person events for so long.

All you need to do is connect a Zoom or GoTo Webinar account and Circa takes care of the rest. Our automated platform goes and collects all of the data from your past webinars and virtual events, then surfaces the most important insights and automatically gives your sales team suggestions for outreach.

Yes, you heard that right: you can get attendee-level engagement data on all of your past webinars & virtual events in just two clicks, right now.

Engagement data from past webinars & events is the single most effective tool that event marketers have today. Leading virtual marketers are using it to craft strategy, event sequences and key messaging that will propel their company's sales forward in 2021.

To help all marketers tap into this powerful new capability, Circa has a special, limited-time offer. With Circa, you can:

  • Attract more & higher quality leads to your webinars & virtual events
  • Empower your sales team with attendee insights: when to engage with qualified prospects & what to say
  • Overcome Zoom fatigue with tailored event series & turn attention into revenue

At Circa, we're so excited about the potential to help event marketers achieve more in 2021 that we're doing something we've never done before – practically giving away the tools necessary to make it happen.

As an enterprise marketing platform, Circa typically starts at $10,000 per year minimum.

Sign up before November 30, 2020 and you can export engagement reporting from all your past webinars on Zoom and GoTo for a one-time fee of just $450.

Contact us to learn more about this very special offer or to schedule a free demo... but hurry, this offer expires soon!

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