Attendee Engagement Insights

Circa’s philosophy is that event and attendee data should be collected and managed in one system across all events, all event formats, and over time. This ensures that no data falls through the cracks. Circa provides your sales team with vital insights on the registrants and attendees of your events. See which topics your contacts are most engaged with, and use that data to drive more sales by personalizing outreach based on prospect interest and persona.

Collect Participant Data and Integrate With Your CRM Software

When you integrate Circa with your CRM, you are able to connect leads and attendees with particular campaigns or events and follow their activity throughout any event managed in the Circa platform. Unite that prospect data activity on a single profile view inside the Circa platform as well.

This collection of data is completely automated. No tedious data entry or uploading of spreadsheets is required. When you utilize Circa’s code less integration with your hosting and CRM tools, your data is automatically collected from every event, webinar, and meeting in your events channel.

A Platform for Sales and Marketing Event Success

When you connect your webinar hosting platform with Circa, you are able to collect attendee activity in real-time. See which events your leads are engaging with, when they enter the event, and how long they are remaining active. View all of that information in a customizable dashboard, allowing you to filter and view all of the contact info you want to see. Then, you can share that view with your stakeholders.  

●     View engagement lists with customizable filters and columns for your preferred views

●     See your registration peaks to get a full picture of traffic and engagement

●     See attendee start time, end time, and total time in session

Why Circa?