Calendar Integration Software

Circa integrates with your enterprise calendar to align Sales and Marketing collaboration and propel every event whether they be in-person, virtual, or hybrid. When you integrate your Google or Outlook calendar, you are able to sync your scheduling with your entire team, and enable those calendars to update in real-time. This ensures that your event staff never misses an event, task, or meeting again!

Easily Integrate Your Events With Google, Outlook and Zoom

Filter your calendar by using a multitude of event fields like location, dates, leaders, staff, format, the list goes on. Then, when you achieve the event view you desire, share that calendar with your teams and your stakeholders.

Circa provides you with a shareable secure link that allows you to share your calendar with anyone, regardless if they have an account or not. Once the link is opened, your events calendar can be viewed as a list, calendar, or in a map view. It can also be downloaded as a CSV.

Powerful Tools to Sync Sales, Marketing, and Event Teams

Circa’s belief is that events should be viewed as a continual calendar, not with the single “one-and-done approach” that has doomed so many event marketers before. When events are viewed in singularity, one event at a time, it can make it seem impossible to keep up with all the events in your channel. Once one event is over, it may feel like you’re already behind on the next. Circa views your events as a continual flow, helping you stay one step ahead in planning, delivering, and managing all of your events, every time.

●     Avoid conflicts by seeing competitor events and international holidays

●     View staff RSVPs for for each individual event

●     View committed and considering events

Why Circa?