CRM Integration

Keep track of all of your sales activity withCirca and your CRM. With Circa’s vast integration capabilities, we support not only an integration with your CRM, but a bidirectional sync between Circa andSalesforce. Your lead data is seamlessly communicated from Circa intoSalesforce, and back into Circa. You will never have to worry about your crucial lead data slipping through the cracks or being misplaced again.

Keep track of your attendee’s engagement from one event to the next, or through an event series. Use this data to personalize your sales outreach for each of your contacts based on which events they’re interested in, and how long they remain active inside those events.

With Circa, you can sync your virtual events, webinars, and meetings with your CRM and campaigns. No code is required, you can connect everything with one click inside the Circa platform.

Measure the impact of each of your events and webinars on sales. This allows your work to be attributed to the event marketing strategy as a whole; creating more ROI for you and your company. View wins and opportunities for individual events or across an event series, in a single CRM dashboard view. Power both your sales and marketing teams to take action and close more deals.

●     View total contacts, leads, andconverted leads

●     Planned vs actual budgets, as wellas expected revenue

●     Total number of wins andopportunities

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