Event Budget Management

Collecting and producing accurate budget reports is perhaps one of the most influential data points you can present to your stakeholders. Unfortunately, tracking individual expenses across the entire event planning and production process can seem almost impossible. As event marketers, our goal is to provide our stakeholders with accurate, detailed planned budgets, as well as the actual cost of the event once it is finished.

Plan, Calculate, Report and Prove Event ROI

Circa has one of the largest and most advanced budgeting capabilities in the world of event tech. With this, you are able to track and report on each individual expense, as well as compile those expenses into categories. Show where your money is being spent at an individual level, as well as categorical. See your planned vs actual totals, and note which expenses have been paid in full, and which payments are still pending.

When sending these reports to your stakeholders, you know that some data points are more important to some than others. With Circa, you can customize which data points you want to highlight for individual stakeholders by using our filters and column menus to tailor your reports.

One Dashboard, Endless Sales and Marketing Applications

In addition to expenses, you can also track every invoice, completed payment, and PO number inside our single budgeting dashboard. Staying organized and keeping track of every dollar spent has never been easier. Circa updates your budgeting in real-time, ensuring that no expense is missed.

●     Easily view your planned, actual, and paid budget totals

●     Access budgets for individual events as well as totals across all events

●     See every individual expense as well as expense categories

●     View either payment or expense view

Why Circa?