Event Requests

Keep your sales team in the event planning process with Circa’s built-in event request forms. As a Circa admin or team member, you have permissions to add new events to your dashboard whenever you come across a new opportunity. For those without the ability to simply add events, like your sales teams, event staff, partners, or stakeholders, you can create custom request forms for them to submit to your Circa Workspace.

Customizable Templates Easily Shared and Integrated

Create as many customized forms as you like, with unique shareable URLs. This way, you are able to ask different questions and collect specific information depending on who the form is intended for. Collect basic information like event name, dates, and locations, to more specific and intricate details like planned expenses and booth dimensions.

Once your form is live, you can share your URL to start receiving submissions. You are able to approve, decline, or return forms back to the sender to request more information. You are even able to customize the automated email responses that go out once an event is submitted, and when that event has been reviewed by your Workspace admin.

With Circa’s advanced integration possibilities, your communication isn’t limited to emails alone. Send your staff, partners, and stakeholders automated updates viaSlack, Microsoft Teams, or whatever your preferred method of communication is.

Simple Software Tools to Sync Corporate Calendars

Requested events are calculated into your total budget reports to give you a complete view of where your money is already being spent, and if that event fits into your events budget as a whole. View your requested events inside your event marketing calendar, allowing you easy visualization of any potential conflicts.

●     Customize your request forms depending on who is submitting the event

●     Add personalized questions

●     Map answers with built-in fields or create custom fields within Circa

●     View all requested events inside your Circa workspace

●     See requested events in your budgets or calendars

●     Approve, Decline, Return, or Archive your submissions

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