Event ROI Reporting Software

Circa provides you with a complete picture of the return on investment from any individual event, or your entire event channel. From reports on your total sales, to your planned vs actual budgets, and influence. You are given access to real-time visibility of your event ROI.

In b2b sales, buying cycles tend to be very long. With Circa, ROI is reported in real-time, but also will adjust automatically over time as prospects turn into customers.

Customize Templates to Track and Prove Revenue

We know it's important to be able to share customizable reports depending on who your stakeholders are, and where their focuses may be. With Circa, you can filter your reports and get custom views to share with your team, investors, and stakeholders. You can share instantly, or schedule an email to be sent in the future.

One App to Unify Marketing, Sales and Events Teams

With Circa’s bidirectional sync with your CRM, you are able to access a closed-loop report on your individual events, and see for yourself how those events helped your marketing efforts as a whole. See which events drive the most sales to build the most successful event marketing strategy you can.

●     Access complete ROI reports for an individual event or any combination of events

●     Connect your events to your CRM campaigns to receive event specific ROI

●     Customize your report views to send to your stakeholders

Why Circa?