Event Calendar Dashboard

Your entire events channel within Circa is centered around a single calendar-based dashboard. With this, you are able to use Circa’s advanced filters and column selection to get the exact views you need, and see only the events that are important to you at that time. Filter by a multitude of fields like teams, dates, leaders, format, partners, the list goes on. Customize the columns you want to see in your dashboard. From event names, to start and end dates, staff, URL, location, and so much more.

Sync Sales, Marketing and Events Teams in Real Time

Once you achieve the calendar view you’d like, you can easily save that view for later. Circa also has multiple built-in views such as upcoming events, past events, requested events, and more. When you click on a specific view, you are able to see those events as a list, calendar, or even as a map.

Software Tools to Share, Integrate, and Customize With Ease

Sharing these event views is easy too. You can export your dashboard via email or as a CSV. You can also share the view by creating a personalized URL link that can be accessed by your team, stakeholders, or anyone you want to share it with. As always, privacy is always a priority at Circa, so you are able to set access permissions so that your information can remain private to those outside of your organization.

●     View all of your events in a single calendar-based dashboard

●     Access only the events you want to see by using filters and columns

●     Save those views for later

●     Share your events dashboard with the click of a button

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