Online Event Registration Platform

Circa makes planning for your next event as easy as possible with a customizable registration process that you can create directly inside the Circa platform. We know that every event is different and requires a unique registration process, so we’ve created a tool that allows you to build landing pages and forms so they are as simple or complex as you need them to be.

Customizable Templates for a Branded Experience

Inside each event, access your registration page that will enable you to build your landing pages. Enter your basic information such as public event names, dates, and timezones. Add banner images, create required fields, and even add key questions to your form that may help you better plan for your event. Questions like job titles, dietary restrictions, local time zones, anything you could think of.

Inside of your registration settings, easily connect your landing page to the link for your webinar or virtual event. Customize your confirmation emails that will send automatically to your registrants the moment they sign up. Each email will show the virtual event link, ensuring your registrants will always know whereto find your event.

Powerful Tools for Webinars, Sales Events and Corporate Meetings

Collect registrant data automatically inside the Circa platform. See who is registering, when they did, and where your peak days for total registrations were. You can even automatically send notifications to your sales teams when key contacts register to keep everyone informed.

●     Completely customizable registration forms

●     Customize and share form URLs

●     Create your own personalized email confirmation messages

●     Attach virtual event or webinar links to be sent automatically to registrant calendars

●     Personalize your event landing pages

●     Add your own images, customize fonts and colors

●     Tailor registration forms to answer key questions from contacts

●     Map form responses to fields within Circa

Why Circa?