Sales Alert Software Tools

The best way to ensure that your sales team is always on the same page with your marketing efforts and lead communication is through engagement alerts. With Circa, you will be able to alert members of your sales team every time an important lead interacts with your events.

Track Lead Engagement During Virtual Meetings & Events

With Circa’s expansive integration possibilities, Sales can be notified of lead interaction via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or however you prefer to communicate. Your team will be notified in real-time every time a contact registers for an event, and when that contact enters a virtual event or webinar.

Alert Sales and Marketing Teams in Real Time

After the event, you will be sent an immediate post-event report that will give you detailed information of your attendee engagement throughout the virtual event. Receive reports on average and individual time in session, as well as when your contact entered and exited the event. You can even view a list of the most engaged attendees, allowing you to make decisions on which leads to prioritize.  

Help your Sales team keep their finger on the pulse and act quickly with automatic engagement alerts and notifications.

●     Receive automatic notifications however you prefer to communicate

●     Know when crucial leads are attending your events

●     View time attended, poll responses, and key topics for personalized outreach

●     Be automatically notified when key contacts register for events

●     Receive alerts via email, Slack, or however you prefer to communicate

●     Keep your sales team informed of contact activity

Why Circa?