Virtual Events & Webinars

With Circa, you are given the tools to create engaging virtual events and webinars from start to finish. When you host or sponsor your virtual events with Circa, those events won’t just focus on attendance, but they will guide attendees towards a sale.    

Tools to Plan, Host, and Report on Your Online Events

Circa makes planning, hosting, and reporting on your virtual events easy. Utilize the customizable registration forms to keep track of your registrants and access a complete picture of the highest and lowest days of enrollment. After that attendee registers, automatic confirmation and calendar invites are sent to their emails. They will even receive reminders as the event gets closer.

Seamless Integration with Zoom, GoToWebinar and More

With Circa’s vast integration possibilities, you will be able to live stream or replay your event using whatever webinar hosting platforms you already use. Integrate with tools like Zoom, GoToWebinar, On24, Hopin, and more.

Circa provides you with detailed post-event reports to show you who attended your event, when they joined, and how long they remained active. This data serves as actionable insights into your contact’s interests, allowing you to personalize your sales outreach and close more deals.

●     Create engaging virtual events from start to finish

●     Integrate with any hosting tool you already use

●     Report on post-event analytics to personalize sales outreach

Why Circa?