Zapier Integration on the Circa Platform

Circa supports in-app native integrations with crucial tools in your Martech stack including Marketo, Salesforce, Zoom,GoToWebinar, and more, in order to provide you with a seamless flow of event data and information. For tools that aren’t included with a native integration, Circa supports integrations through Zapier, an online tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks by moving information between web applications automatically. This takes care of the tedious manual tasks you do daily and so you can focus on the work that really matters.

Effortlessly Integrate 3000+ Apps and Tools

With Zapier, you can connect Circa with over 3,000 other tools to create workflows to do the busywork for you. Connect Circa to Slack or Microsoft teams to automatically notify your sales team of new leads. Integrate Circa with your project management tool like Jira to automatically create new tasks when a new event is added to your calendar. Create automated task templates in Asana or Monday when it’s time to plan new events. The possibilities are endless.

Empower Your Events Team With a Seamless Martech Stack

Circa provides you with pre-made workflows to help you get the most out of the integration cloud. You are also able to create your own custom workflows that fit your own unique business needs.

Get hours of your day back with Zapier workflows. Spend that time consulting with your leads, so you can close more deals.

●     Integrate Circa with 3,000+ tools and applications

●     Create custom workflows or utilize Circa’s pre-made ones

●     No coding required

●     Automate your tedious tasks

Why Circa?