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Find upcoming b2b events in your industry

EventIntel.com is no longer available, but you can still track upcoming industry events with Circa. Learn more.

Discover the events you need to know about

Simply search by company name, host, speaker, sponsor, and more, for quick and easy access to only the events that matter to you. Never waste another minute scrolling through generalized search engines with irrelevant data again!

Event intel

Follow your competitors, customers, and target accounts

See which events companies are hosting, exhibiting at, or sponsoring. Say goodbye to those “Why weren’t we there?” emails from your supervisors and colleagues. Never miss another important event!

Track companies with automated alerts

Receive email alerts when companies you follow add new events. Don’t be the last to know about critical strategy changes or updates!

Event Intel
Event Intel

Save events & create lists

Save the events that interest you to your account for easy access to important event information. Use this data to help build your own events strategy.