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Event Intel by Circa

Event Intel by Circa is a searchable database that lets you explore the world of b2b marketing events in one place. Use the directory to track competitor or partner events and create your own event marketing strategy.

Event Intel by Circa Search

As we are all learning to navigate a post-covid world, b2b marketers everywhere are trying to determine the right strategy for their future in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Before now, there has never been a way to gain insights on the event marketing strategies of others without hours of researching individual event pages and websites.

Now, with Event Intel by Circa, there is now a searchable database focused solely on b2b events. This directory allows you to discover and track new events that are happening all around.

Search for b2b events from a multitude of fields like event name, hosts, speakers, location, dates, and many more!

Event Intel by Circa Chrome Extension

With the Event Intel by Circa Chrome Extension, you are able to collect event data with the click of a button. When you are visiting an event website, simply save the event with our intel button, and the next business day you will be emailed a structured spreadsheet with event data you can use for competitive intelligence and strategic planning. Receive automated reports on event details, dates, format, hosts, and more!