Why Circa?

All Event Types

Virtual, Hybrid, & In-Person Events

Whether you’re planning a virtual, hybrid, orin-person event, Circa can help you deliver positive and memorable experiences for attendees, exhibitors, and company stakeholders alike by offering valuable insight on attendee engagement, ROI reporting, budgeting, and more. Backed with robust data that empowers your organization to improve, grow, and plan, Circa exists to propel you into the next era of event management, no matter what typeof events you use to fuel your organization.

Plan and Host the Perfect Event From Start To Finish

Regardless of what type of event you’re organizing, the planning process always involves many different moving parts.Circa can help you navigate through every step of even the most complex events with a single, flexible, automated platform. From the initial registration all the way to event reporting, Circa exists to ensure that your event is successful, engaging and powerful.

One Centralized Platform for All Your Events

Using multiple single-purpose apps, spreadsheets, calendars and email threads can make event management more convoluted than it needs to be. Instead, Circa provides one centralized, secure platform so you can access all your event information quickly and easily.


Timesaving Tools for Increased Efficiency

With Circa, you can optimize your time spent planning and organizing, communicate with team members and clients more easily and establish an organized system that produces results. Our flexible solutions can be integrated easily with your current process and leveraged to create a new, reliable and more efficient flow.


Organized Collaboration and Project Management

Effectively communicating with your team members, vendors and clients isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Circa allows you to streamline your collaboration with tools that keep everyone informed, up to speed and accountable throughout the planning process.


A Robust Bundle of Tools Designed To Streamline Any Type of Event

Enjoy the perks of a unified platform for communication.

Use Circa’s secure and organized platform to collaborate quickly and efficiently with team members and vendors to discuss the vision for the event, share files, swap ideas and more.

Manage the pillars of any successful event.

Circa makes budgeting for your event, scheduling meetings and managing staff members and tasks easy with an organized and simplified system.

Effectively promote your event.

Easily integrate with Zoom, Facebook Live, Salesforce or other software-as-a-service(SaaS) solutions to promote your event and send personalized marketing emails.When you’re ready to launch your event registration, Circa provides a flawless user experience to create custom-branded forms, collect payments and more.

Get insights and data on your event’s performance.

Capture and integrate engagement at virtual events at meetings. Merge the data directly into your customer relationship management (CRM) software and marketing automated databases to track sales influence and enrich attendee profiles. Sales engagement alerts also allow sales and marketing to personalize outreach and nurture and close more deals.


Exceptional Industry-Leading Security and Privacy

Circa provides enterprise-grade security and enhanced privacy for all types of events using third-party monitoring services to ensure uptime and availability. With industry-leading encryption algorithms, regular automatic data backups and production services run on a private secure cloud on Heroku, you can be assured that your data, your vendors’ data and your clients’ data are all safe and secure.


All of Circa’s solutions are protected with powerful built-in security technologies, and on-call engineers are available24/7 should you need them. Circa also undergoes independent third-party penetration testing to ensure that our platform is secure and well protected.

Circa adheres to all regulatory standardswith:

●   SOC 2 certification

●   General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) compliance for users in the EU

●   California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA) compliance

●   EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework certification


Experience the Benefits of Our Flexible Solutions

●   Save precious time and money by investing in one solution that helps you avoid costly errors.

●   Simplify collaborative efforts with your team, clients and vendors with consolidated and convenient communication tools.

●   Enhance the attendee experience by offering flawless registration, personalized email marketing and communications for a positive and memorable experience.

●   Get data-rich insights to grow, enhance and improve future events.


Ready To Transform Your Virtual, in-Person and Hybrid Events?

The last thing you need on your plate is the added task of learning a brand-new event management system. We make it easy with extensive support and intuitive designs. If you’re ready to optimize the output of your event planning efforts with a more efficient and labor-saving process, Circa is your go-to solution.

Circa’s robust bundle of tools will guide you through the various stages of planning and hosting your virtual or in-person event, saving you time and money and reshaping the way your attendees experience your events.

Schedule a demo today to see how Circa can help transform your events and improve your connections with vendors, clients and company stakeholders.