Why Circa?


Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Conferences There’s much more to hosting a successful conference than having outstanding speakers, an accessible venue, and good presentation flow. Circa offers key solutions that help you improve, organize, and automate your event planning to simplify even the most complex conference-planning procedures. By arming you with data-rich information, you’ll have the power to design a more impactful conference and personalize engagement with attendees by determining which sessions, speakers, and more had the greatest impact. By merging this priceless data with your CRM, you can produce reports to clearly communicate and demonstrate the value of your conferences to attendees, exhibitors, and company stakeholders.

Deliver Engaging and Powerful Conference Experiences With Circa’s Integrated Tools

Circa provides end-to-end solutions to help you plan, manage, promote and engage attendees at any type of conference, whether in person or online. And Circa easily integrates with applications you’re already comfortable with — such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, HubSpot andGoogle — to transform your conference planning and performance.

Automate Event Management

Increase the efficiency of conference management by eliminating time-consuming and expensive manual planning methods.Circa enables teams to automate tasks with one centralized platform, ultimately reducing valuable time spent planning and providing an organized process to manage thousands of details in one place. Circa makes it easy to plan and host even the most complex conferences.

Personalize the Event Experience

For all the costs and conjecture of in-person events, it may get even worse by pivoting to virtual. Marketers can at least observe engagement first-person at in-person events, even if it's only of a sampling of attendees. No such visibility exists at virtual events, where attendees often let their attention go slack undetected.

Drive Future Event Value

Accurately gauge your conference performance with data-rich insights you can organize for easy access and future reference.Use Circa to report on sales, budget and influence with real-time visibility, and deliver that valuable data to company stakeholders, attendees and exhibitors to drive the value of your future events.

Build a Conference That Meets Your Objectives

— Manage speakers, content and conference sessions all with an organized agenda.
— Enable efficient communication and collaboration with team members, vendors and attendees.
— Schedule meetings faster withCirca’s hybrid meeting scheduler. Share real-time availability via Outlook andGoogle Calendar, track meetings in your CRM and send notifications to Slack andTeams. Customize availability, emails and meeting room types.
— Enable stakeholders to submit requests for conferences with event request forms, and identify sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors to increase the value of their investment in your conference.
— Integrate with your CRM to expand your conference audience and reach more people.

Enhance the Registration and Check-in Experience forAttendees

— Streamline the registration process for in-person, hybrid or virtual conferences to make it easy and accessible via desktop or mobile device.
— Integrate Zoom, Salesforce, Facebook Live and more for a powerful attendee experience.
— Easily collect payments online with credit card processing capabilities.
— Ensure a seamless event flow from start to finish for high-volume conferences, whether they’re online, in-person or hybrid events.

Customize Your Marketing for a Unified, Branded Experience

— Easily and quickly design polished and branded landing pages and registration pages for your conference, or create and copy plans and branding for virtual events.
— Integrate with your CRM to create and manage email campaigns with personalized, targeted messages.
— Design additional event content to keep your attendees engaged.
— Use Circa’s sales engagement alerts to drive marketing and sales efforts.

Optimize Conference Performance With Powerful Data-Rich Insights

— Dive into your data to determine which speakers, exhibitors and sessions had the greatest impact on your attendees.
— Track ROI and justify your budget and spending when you report to key stakeholders across your organization.
— Integrate with your CRM to share data across various platforms and systems.
— Enhance transparency among your team members by providing easy access to essential data that will enable you to optimize and communicate your conference performance for a variety of purposes.

Learn More About Using Circa Tools for Conference Planning and Management

There are many challenges involved in planning and hosting high-volume conferences, whether they take place online or in person. From maintaining communications with team members, vendors and attendees to dealing with shrinking budgets and shorter lead times, you need a solution that covers it all.

Circa’s many features provide the tools you need to fill conference seats and maintain registration volume, manage your budget, provide attendees with a positive and unified experience, improve conference performance and much, much more. We’ve designed optimization features and solutions that strengthen your organization’s ongoing efforts and take you into the next era of virtual event management.

We also offer industry-leading security and regulatory certifications for enhanced safety and data protection against threats that may compromise your or your clients’ personal data.

Circa’s features and capabilities are designed with the needs of enterprise businesses in mind. When you’re ready to take your company into the future of virtual, in-person and hybrid conferences, you needCirca to make it happen. Contact us today to learn more.