Why Circa?


Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Conventions

Whether you aim to build your brand, gain valuable audience insights, or re-connect with existing customers at your next convention, Circa equips sponsors and exhibitors with powerful data that can be used to guide those interactions and identify sales opportunities. Circa allows sponsors and exhibitors to zero in on the most impactful engagements with attendees, accurately calculate ROI, and analyze key metrics like booth visits, sale generation, number of media contacts created, and more to further understand the impact of conference participation on business growth.

Monetize your convention interactions with Circa’s robust, industry-leading solutions

Conventions are great opportunities to establish new relationships with clients and enhance existing ones. However, without the right tools and performance measures, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities.

With Circa’s diverse set of platform features, enterprise businesses can succeed in this new era of virtual events by efficiently planning and managing virtual convention performance, monetizing client interactions and enhancing the attendee experience by creating positive and enticing connections.

Increase your convention-planning efficiency

Leverage Circa’s features and integrations to streamline your team’s communications, manage your budget and align sales and marketing calendars. In today’s business landscape, Circa is an essential tool to help enterprise businesses plan virtual conventions with software that keeps team members on track, accountable and organized.

Initiate valuable connections with attendees

Personalize your marketing efforts and communications with sales engagement alerts that offer valuable insight on prospect interests and buyer persona. Circa’s virtual event templates and customizable forms and landing pages offer yet another efficient way to manage client communications. Whether you are participating in an in-person, virtual or hybrid convention event, Circa makes it possible to engage with attendees at every level.

Analyze performance and accurately report convention value

Get priceless data and takeaways from your convention performance with Circa’s customizable analytics reports. Use this data to enhance future performance, make strategic decisions and prove ROI and convention value to key stakeholders across your organization.

Effortlessly plan, collaborate and organize tasks to meet your objectives

— Use one centralized platform to build, plan and manage all of your convention engagements for a more streamlined and organized process.
— Effortlessly integrate with programs and systems you’re already comfortable using to streamline an effective and profitable planning process.
— Organize all your team’s communications using Circa’s integrations with Slack, Microsoft Office and more.
— Easily schedule meetings, manage to-do lists and keep team members accountable with Circa’s hybrid meeting scheduler, virtual event project management software and more.
— Collect all attendee details and revenue for a single, organized database that can be integrated with your CRM and other systems.

Provide a flawless experience for convention attendees

— Offer a unified, branded experience from start to finish with Circa’s seamless registration, integration and post-event survey tools.
— Use Circa to create targeted email marketing campaigns and personalized content that meets attendees where they are.
— Provide a mobile-friendly and convenient online registration that’s easy to access and complete.
— Provide additional branded content, create post-event surveys and use Circa’s integrations to offer an immersive experience that keeps convention attendees engaged and connected.
— Send customized proposals, contracts and invoices with reusable templates, and collect payments electronically to automate your business and provide a more convenient, customer-focused process.

Collect valuable insights to boost qualified leads and conversions

— Get real-time data from virtual conventions that empowers you and your team to make strategic decisions for future growth.
— Nurture more qualified leads, improve conversions and close more sales by tapping into a gold mine of data through Circa’s insightful reports.
— Clearly communicate and optimize event performance with your team by enhancing overall transparency and clarity with Circa reports.
— Easily pass data between Circa and your CRM with Salesforce, HubSpot and other essential integrations.

Revolutionize your convention performance with Circa’s powerful and flexible solutions

In this new age of virtual networking, there is much to gain by using the right online event management tools, automated solutions and key performance measures. Enterprise businesses that want to succeed will need to adapt and grow to connect with existing and new consumers.

You can trust that Circa’s built-in security measures, essential certifications and quality standards will provide secure data transmission and storage as well as powerful performance-enhancing solutions to meet your business’s needs.

Experience the many ways Circa can enhance your convention engagements and performance with a free demo. A Circa representative can answer any questions you have and provide pricing details when you’re ready.