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Event ROI Within Reach

Marketing leaders have been frustrated by the difficulty of proving event ROI since the invention of trade shows in 1851. They've had no way to know how big event budgets might translate to sales and brand affinity. In more recent decades, they've been tasked with justifying event spend, but provided with a weak (if any) connection to CRM, the system of record for all sales activity.

The Risks inherent in Virtual Events

For all the costs and conjecture of in-person events, it may get even worse by pivoting to virtual. Marketers can at least observe engagement first-person at in-person events, even if it's only of a sampling of attendees. No such visibility exists at virtual events, where attendees often let their attention go slack undetected.

Seizing a Competitive Advantage with Virtual Events

Agile companies have seized a competitive advantage by quickly pivoting to virtual. They're building competencies in producing dozens of virtual events that meet key criteria, like maintaining brand standards and delivering a high-quality attendee experience.

  • Event teams need to increase their technical production skillset and data integration bandwidth to keep up with fast-moving competition.
  • With virtual events, marketers now have access to an unprecedented level of visibility into attendee engagement, enabling insights that can empower sales like never before.
  • Virtual events are a "new" marketing channel that will ultimately complement in-person events. Where virtual events may not sustain attendee engagement over extended periods, they provide greater visibility into attendee engagement and seamless data integration, especially with CRM.

The Circa Solution

Circa helps marketing teams understand how attendees engage at virtual events and provides clear, actionable insights that sales teams can use to convert attendee interest into revenue.

Virtual Events & Webinars

Run virtual events that guide attendees toward a sale, not just attending

Hybrid Events

Run hybrid events that guide attendees toward a sale, not just attending

Sales Engagement Alerts

Alert sales when prospects engage with virtual events & webinars

“Circa is the first and only tool I’ve seen that truly focuses on bringing event attendee engagement into the full buyer’s journey in a way that helps marketing and sales nurture and close more deals.”

Stephanie Baiocchi

Director of Events

Set the foundation for your company's success in new era of events.

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