Why Circa?

Event Technology

Set the foundation for your company's future in the new world of virtual and hybrid events.

A Powerful Platform for Event Marketing Operations

Advanced Tools to Optimize Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Events

Marketing and sales teams have been frustrated by disconnects at events for decades. They've had to pay exorbitant rates for internet, wrangle janky badge scanners, reformat inconsistent lead data, jump through hoops to reserve meeting rooms, chase down invoice payments, shipment tracking numbers, vendor contacts and the list goes on...

Meanwhile, in digital marketing channels, marketing and sales professionals enjoy seamless integrations of customer data and workflow automations that save them literally hundreds of working hours a year. Compared to digital marketing, in-person events seem stuck in the stone age.

High Stakes for Managers, Experts, and Executives

The stakes could not be higher for event operations. For all of the inconvenience of in-person events, they were still a marketing channel that could reliably drive demand. No such guarantee exists with virtual events, where it's easy to lose attendee attention and connecting the tools to deliver an on-brand, engaging experience requires advanced technical skills.

With the COVID shutdown of in-person events in2020 and a slow recovery expected for years, event technologists have a pivotal role to play in enabling marketing and sales teams to adapt to virtual today, plan for hybrid tomorrow and ultimately recover lost demand.

— Event teams need to increase their technical production skillset and data integration bandwidth to keep up with fast-moving competition.
— With virtual events, marketers now have access to an unprecedented level of visibility into attendee engagement, enabling insights that can empower sales like never before.
— Virtual events are a"new" marketing channel that will ultimately complement in-person events. Where virtual events may not sustain attendee engagement over extended periods, they provide greater visibility into attendee engagement and seamless data integration, especially with CRM.

The Circa Planning Solution

Circa helps event marketers set the foundation for their company's success in the new era of virtual and hybrid events. WithCirca, marketing teams can assess the nuances of attendee engagement. From virtual roundtable events to hybrid trade shows, Circa provides clear, actionable insights that help sales teams convert attendee interest into revenue.

Virtual Engagement Alerts

Alert sales when prospects engage with virtual events & webinars

Event CRM Integration

Integrate events& webinars with CRM

Event ROI Reporting

Report on sales, budgets & influence with real-time visibility