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Cut your events budget & drive measurably higher sales
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“As we support a $1B+ global business with hundreds of events and meetings around the world, Circa uniquely solved our objectives with a single platform to plan, track and manage our event strategies.”

Michael Farrington

Vice President of Global Marketing

Finding Opportunity in Crisis

Executives have long cast a suspicious eye on the high costs of events. They've had no way to know how big event budgets might translate to sales. There's been no precise way to track in-person engagement and a weak (if any) connection between events and CRM, the system of record for all sales and marketing activity.

The Risks inherent in Virtual Events

For all the costs and conjecture of in-person events, it may get even worse by pivoting to virtual. Executives can at least observe engagement first-person at in-person events, even if it's only of a sampling of attendees. No such visibility exists at virtual events, where attendees often let their attention go slack undetected. Meanwhile, in-house event teams lack the experience, data integrations and technical production skills to create effective virtual event programs, especially at enterprise scale.

Seizing a Competitive Advantage with Virtual Events

The rush to virtual events opens an opportunity for competitive advantage. Attention may be more difficult to sustain with virtual events, but it is also far easier to track.

  • Virtual events enable marketers to track live, social customer engagement like never before.
  • Leading companies are using virtual attendee insights with CRM integration to personalize messaging in real-time and create sales opportunities.
  • Virtual events cost 80-90% less than in-person, but they can generation 10x more leads and influence late-stage opportunities.

Increasingly, executives are waking up to the value of virtual events as a "new" marketing channel, and not just the mandate of COVID lockdowns.

The Circa Solution

Circa helps executives understand how attendees engage at virtual events and provides clear, actionable insights that sales teams can use to convert attendee interest into revenue.

Virtual Event ROI Reporting

Report on sales, budgets & influence with real-time visibility

Virtual Attendee Insights

Enable sales to personalize outreach based on prospect interests & persona

Sales Engagement Alerts

Alert sales when prospects engage with virtual events & webinars

Learn how to engage prospects with virtual event insights.

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