Why Circa?


A Platform for Seamless Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Expos

Maximize your time, effort, and budget, as well as the impact of your expo participation by gleaning valuable attendee insight and data based on interest and persona. Use Circa analytics to measure performance in real-time so you can modify your behaviors with knowledge and intent. Gather leads, qualify them, and follow-up accordingly to drive future engagements, increase your brand power, nurture sales, and close more deals. Whether the expo event is a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event, Circa holds the key to capitalizing on valuable attendee behavior and feedback.

Advanced analytics help you understand what motivates your customers

Planning for an expo requires a great deal of planning, coordination, and outreach, but your organization can save time and money using Circa to facilitate the process. From automated reminders, budgeting and targeted marketing campaigns to in-depth real-time analytics and customizable reports, Circa has everything you need to ensure your expo participation is successful each and every time.

Simplify the planning process

Use Circa’s strategic integrations to build the perfect event. From content management to post-event reporting, Circa has you covered. Easily integrate with systems you already use to create a dynamic online registration and a branded event landing page or website, efficiently communicate with team members, and automate manual event planning tasks and reminders to save time. You can even track your event budget and spending safely and directly in Circa, which also provides more accurate reporting and enhanced visibility across your organization.

Increase attendance to ensure your success

Use Circa to launch multi-channel marketing campaigns that are fully branded, engaging and fresh. Send out customized communications and content and consult engagement reports to get to know your audience better. Target your email marketing, create individual profiles for attendees, and curate content that will drive conversions.

Understand what motivates your customers

Circa provides robust reporting and analytics so you can document your attendee activities before, during, and after your event. With our detailed reporting and actionable insights, you’ll get to know your customers better, find out what motivates them to engage with your brand and gain access to insights that help you better understand your revenue opportunities. Customize your reports to efficiently communicate the value of your event performance across your organization and compare expo event data across events, locations and more to monitor your organization’s performance.

Integrate with the systems you already use daily, from Zoom to Salesforce

— Spend less time adjusting to a learning curve and more time making progress on your expo event by integrating with Circa and using the tools you’re already comfortable using.
— Seamlessly share real-time event data between your SaaS solutions and Circa.
— Integrate with your CRM to improve your workflow processes and enhance customer engagement.
— Integrate with Cisco Webex, GoTo Webinar, and other platforms for convenient virtual expos and avoid technical issues with registration and during your event.

Foster more valuable customer engagement

— Capture event activity and attendee behavior to create more targeted campaigns and powerful content.
— Create more dynamic virtual events, featuring a variety of types of content, speakers, sessions, and more.
— Make sense of your attendee data before, during, and after your event, whether it’s in-person, virtual or hybrid.
— Better understand your attendee engagement, such as who is most likely to purchase from you or attend another one of your events so your sales team can follow up accordingly.

Receive robust reports before, during and after your event

— Understand how attendees interact with your brand during an expo.
— Capture more qualified leads with actionable data and close more sales as a result.
— See a detailed profile of how each attendee has engaged with your brand, marketing activities, or sales.

Maximize the impact of event experiences with Circa

Whether your organization is pivoting to an all-virtual approach or you’re promoting your products or services at hybrid or in-person events, Circa is a must-have suite of tools and features. With comprehensive reporting and end-to-end solutions and features, Circa can help you turn your expo participation into a highly profitable event.

If you’re ready to see how Circa can transform your organization’s success at your next expo event, call today to speak with a Circa representative. An expert is available to answer questions and provide pricing details when you’re ready.