Why Circa?


Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Roundtables for Customers and Executives

All attendees have the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion. By using Circa, you have a unique opportunity to glean insights on the most engaged attendees and companies by uncovering top-performing roundtable sessions, analyzing content usage, and monitoring attendee evaluations. By leveraging this intelligence, you have the power to fully optimize future discussions, meetings, and events for the benefit of your organization, attendees, or stakeholders.

Build B2B relationships with stimulating roundtable experiences

A virtual roundtable is an excellent way to facilitate face-to-face discussions amongst business executives and industry-leading solution providers. By facilitating stimulating network opportunities, educational advancement, and relationship-building experiences with virtual roundtables, you can distinguish your business as an innovative thought leader in your industry.

Circa provides business executives with the features and tools necessary to seamlessly plan, organize, and host impactful roundtables. With end-to-end capabilities and secure technology, Circa’s integrations simplify the planning process and allow for more targeted, interactive roundtables.

Effortlessly put together a sleek, branded virtual event

Circa’s robust bundle of tools makes communicating with team members fast and easy. Quickly schedule meetings with our hybrid meeting scheduler by sharing real-time availability from Outlook and Google Calendar. Track your meetings in your CRM and send notifications to Slack or Team, and customize your availability, emails, and room type to meet your team’s preferences and needs. Circa’s event calendars and budgeting tools also offer the added convenience of aligning sales and marketing teams with a single calendar and easily providing budget reports to key company stakeholders. You can also enable stakeholders to send requests for any type of event using Circa’s event request forms.

Reach the full potential of engagement with impactful experiences

Business executives who attend roundtables have high expectations and want stimulating conversations and solutions for today’s industry challenges. Use Circa to host more impactful roundtables by utilizing our features and integrations to deliver high-quality broadcasts with networking, whiteboard, real-time chats, surveys, and more. Actively monitor your virtual events with real-time insights to provide an unparalleled attendee experience and use that data wisely to make well-timed changes to your event when it counts the most.

Utilize targeted data analytics tools to maximize value and ROI

With Circa, you can customize registration forms, email reminders, and calendar invites to certain industry elite and position yourself as a trusted advisor. Use our virtual event templates to create custom, branded virtual events and quickly reference your ROI results from past roundtable events. After your event, integrate your data with your CRM and use the attendee engagement analytics to enable sales with actionable insights.

Host confidently with flawless planning

— Live stream virtual roundtables to global audiences.
— Comfortably integrate with the project management tools, CRM, and video technologies of your choice.
— Enjoy flexible and impactful solutions like analytics reports, sales engagement alerts, customizable event registration and more, all within your control to customize.
— Rest easy with powerful built-in safety features and security designed to adhere to privacy standards and regulations.

Host business and industry experts to attract high-quality attendees

— Use Circa’s virtual event project management tool to efficiently collaborate and schedule meetings with industry experts and hosts.
— Easily assign tasks to team members or speakers or send automatic reminders for calendar deadlines to keep your event on track.
— Track meetings with industry experts or hosts by integrating with your CRM.
— Get a 24/7 bird’s eye view of the status of your virtual roundtable, budget, and host(s).

Collect feedback and cultivate post-event engagement

— Circa’s post-event surveys allow you to gather qualitative feedback from attendees.
— Send out polished and branded survey emails to all attendees.
— Conveniently track responses from your contacts over time.
— Compare survey responses by event type and customer segment so your organization can develop more efficient targeting and marketing efforts.

Use Circa’s all-in-one platform to host events that convert attendees into customers

Hosting virtual roundtables is a highly effective way to build B2B relationships anytime, but especially in a post-COVID landscape. Circa’s flexible and convenient full suite of features offers opportunities to effectively network on a global scale, save time and money during the event management process, and continue to establish your organization as a thought leader and expert in your industry.

With high-quality virtual events and powerful safety features and security for enhanced data protection, Circa is the all-encompassing solution for companies who want to host influential roundtables that convert.

If you’re ready to learn more about Circa and how to use it to expand and grow your business, contact a Circa representative today. We are happy to answer any questions you have, offer a free demo, and provide you with pricing details.