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Reconnecting Events with Sales

With the COVID shutdown of in-person, sales leaders have an opportunity to take more control of their company's events and reshape them as effective sales tools.

Sales managers have long had frustrations with marketing events. With extended travel and logistics, events require reps to spend more time away from prospecting and closing than often seems justified. Events require significant time and budget, yet frequently fail to connect reps with qualified leads or capture valuable insights from attendees.

A New Generation of Events

COVID has shut down the vast majority of in-person events for the foreseeable future. In the pivot to virtual, sales leaders may finally get the benefits they need from events.

  • Virtual events offer an unprecedented level of visibility into attendee engagement and interests.
  • Virtual events take less time from sales and cost 80-90% less, yet they can generate 10x more qualified leads and accelerate late-stage opportunities.
  • Leading companies are using engagement data from virtual events to engage prospects more effectively and gain a competitive advantage.

The Circa Solution

Circa helps sales teams understand how attendees engage at virtual events and provides clear, actionable insights that help convert attendee interest into revenue.

Sales Engagement Alerts

Alert sales when prospects engage with virtual events & webinars

Virtual Event CRM Integration

Integrate events & webinars with CRM

Virtual Event ROI Reporting

Report on sales, budgets & influence with real-time visibility

“Circa is the first and only tool I’ve seen that truly focuses on bringing event attendee engagement into the full buyer’s journey in a way that helps marketing and sales nurture and close more deals.”

Stephanie Baiocchi

Director of Events

Learn how to engage prospects with virtual event insights.

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