Why Circa?


Host Engaging Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Seminars With Ease

Meet your seminar objectives and transform your virtual, hybrid, or in-person meetings by leveraging the power of Circa’s solutions. Drive your savings by using our tools to capture and curate online usage data and make informed decisions based on past performance. Improve your company’s visibility with our event calendars and efficient meeting scheduler and use Circa to improve scheduling and logistics planning and propel seminar value.

Bring your vision to life with Circa’s advanced platform

In a post-COVID era, enterprise business seminar events may never return to the way they used to be. While these trying times have certainly produced additional challenges for event management teams and sales teams, Circa’s advanced features and solutions allow you to tackle those challenges head-on and come out with even more valuable virtual data, marketing capabilities and attendee engagement than ever before.

Circa helps you transform concepts and ideas into engaging seminars with highly effective tools and features designed to take your event to the next level. Revolutionize your next seminar with our robust platform of solutions, designed to streamline your planning process, improve attendee engagement, and prove ROI after the seminar is over.

Intuitive tools help you plan, organize and budget with simplicity

Planning and coordinating with your team, sponsors, and speakers is a breeze with Circa’s enhanced features. Our budgeting tool enables you to optimize and track your spending while you plan. Plus, our real-time updating event calendars make it easy to avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure that your marketing team, sales team, stakeholders and others are informed and up to speed. Use our virtual event project management tools to keep your team on track with automatic deadline reminders, better budget and event visibility and convenient integrations with Asana, Google Calendar, Outlook and more.

Increase attendance by integrating popular software like Zoom and Google Suite

Circa gives you the tools you need to maintain a single, unified database of customer and speaker contact information, organize and create email campaigns and manage survey data. Quickly and easily send out email reminders and invites to curated lists of contacts and use past virtual seminar analytics to increase conversions and nurture leads.

Ensure a successful, memorable event

Turn your online seminar attendees into loyal customers by seizing your ability to track live, social attendee engagement during virtual seminars. Personalize outreach efforts based on attendee insights and leverage Circa’s features to host effective virtual events at enterprise scale that guide attendees toward a sale, not just registration. Deliver impactful experiences with interactive virtual seminars that provide real-time analytics that you can use to increase sales and engagement.

Deliver better experiences for attendees and speakers

— Create dynamic registration workflows for virtual, hybrid, or in-person seminars.
— Make your branded content more organized and accessible for speakers and attendees.
— Deliver mobile-friendly registration and event hosting for attendees on the go.
— Interact with attendees face-to-face by integrating a streaming service like Zoom or Facebook Live.
— Keep attendees engaged with Q&As, custom branded content, and follow-up polls.
— Manage your speakers and agenda with our virtual event project management tool.

Get the most from your event with valuable analytics insights

— Measure your seminar’s impact and make informed marketing and logistics decisions based on real-time virtual data.
— Convert attendee interest into revenue by using virtual attendee insights to power sales.
— Use engagement data from your virtual seminars to connect with prospects more effectively.
— Easily integrate virtual seminar data with your CRM to better understand the leads created from your event.
— Effortlessly share data with your sales and marketing team and create thorough attendee profiles with accurate activity data.

Revolutionize your next event with Circa’s powerful solutions

In a post-COVID era of event planning and management, Circa empowers you and your team with enhanced features and tools to gain a competitive advantage and seize the many unique opportunities that virtual seminars provide.

Circa’s built-in security measures and certifications offer a powerful and trustworthy method of data transmission and storage for enterprise businesses that are ready to take hold of this new age of virtual events. Our robust support team and experts are ready to partner with your business to begin transforming your company’s seminars to better grow, connect with consumers and adapt to the current times.

If you have questions about our robust set of platform features and how they can best benefit your organization, contact us today or request a free demo. A Circa representative is available to answer your questions and provide pricing details when you’re ready.