Why Circa?


Easily Manage Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Summits

Exclusive in-person summits have traditionally been critical to an organization’s success. However, largely virtual or hybrid summits can have the same benefits and effects when they are backed by powerful data and insights. Circa can help you host a virtual summit that leaves attendees feeling more connected and informed while also boosting revenue, increasing your visibility, and growing your email subscriber list and online community.

Maximize the power of engagement with customers, businesses and executives

Corporate summits are essential for facilitating conversation, problem-solving, and generating new ideas among top executives within a business or organization. More than just a series of lectures, corporate summits should serve as an opportunity to see how far your organization has come, discuss what others are doing and identify potential areas for growth.

Not surprisingly, hosting an effective corporate summit also requires quite a bit of organizing and planning. Circa empowers professionals with a time-saving and money-saving suite of tools that makes planning, facilitating outreach, and hosting a virtual summit more efficient and effective.

Plan and promote an enriching online event that drives growth

Circa simplifies the event management process by enabling you to effortlessly plan and organize your summit’s content and logistics with an all-encompassing solution. Manage your event budget and facilitate a smooth and accessible online registration with a fully branded and informative landing page. Utilize Circa’s customizable templates to send out polished and branded outreach emails to summit speakers, affiliates, and your target audience. During your summit, get real-time attendee insights and modify your event as necessary to get the best results. Once it’s over, use Circa to send out post-summit surveys to gather qualitative feedback for future improvements.

Collaborate more efficiently on a large scale

Integrate with other platforms to work efficiently between teams and create digital assets like presentations, branded documents, and videos without having to rely on programmers. Use Circa to manage the entire content process and easily coordinate with your summit speakers. Plus, save time and money by streamlining the content creation and management process with automated tasks and deadline reminders and automating many other event management tasks you might otherwise do manually.

Leverage data-rich analytics reports to optimize your results

Hosting top executives from around the world can be a costly endeavor. Justify your budget with Circa’s rich virtual event analytics reports, which provide detailed data about registration and engagement at virtual events. Circa’s virtual event ROI reporting feature also allows for automatic ROI metric updates, including budgets and engagement time spent. Spend less time creating reports by easily customizing them by filtering and exporting custom views for different stakeholders.

Encourage new ideas and rich discussions

— Develop custom branded content that introduces your summit’s important topic and large scale goals.
— Use Circa’s integrations to host an enriching summit that’s more than just a series of lectures.
— Drive engagement with virtual breakout sessions, guest speakers, live Q&As and
— Create vibrant, virtual experiences and ways to connect using integrations like Slack, Zoom, GoTo Webinar, Cisco Webex and more.

Measure your success

— Get robust reports and actionable insights on your summit’s budget, attendee engagement and ROI.
— Integrate event data across platforms and effortlessly merge your virtual summit data with your CRM.
— Get access to real-time virtual event data to better understand revenue opportunities.
— Prove your summit’s performance across your organization.
— Compare summit data and monitor performance.

Reap the many benefits of an effective, streamlined experience

— Build relationships with valuable influencers in your industry.
— Establish your organization’s authority in your niche.
— Increase your revenue.
— Increase your email subscribers and grow your online community.

Elevate your events with Circa

Hosting exclusive virtual summits has the power to launch your organization into a powerful position of growth and industry leadership, and using Circa’s full suite of features and integrations will set you up for success.

From planning and collaborating to promoting and measuring data, Circa provides an all-encompassing end-to-end platform that helps teams improve their workflow processes and enhance event outcomes. With powerful capabilities, an expert support team, and industry-leading privacy and security protections, Circa is the key to launching your organization into the next era of virtual events.

Ready to learn more? Contact a Circa representative today for details.