Why Circa?

Trade Shows

Virtual, In-Person and Trade Shows Make the most of your trade show performance by saving time, effort, and resources with Circa. Easily amass a goldmine of data by capturing and analyzing attendee behavior and then spending your valuable time following up with qualified leads. With Circa, you can effortlessly merge live and virtual trade show event data directly into yourCRM and marketing databases to modify, personalize, and improve the value of your interactions with attendees of virtual, hybrid, or in-person trade shows.

Offer consumers an immersive experience with Circa’s industry-leading solutions

In recent years, trade shows have become fully immersive experiences; the old days of pushy sales and cheap promotions are over. Instead, today’s trade shows (whether online, in-person, or hybrid events) are full of opportunities to provide a memorable and positive experience for consumers.

Launch your brand into this new age of trade show participation with Circa. Our cutting-edge solutions and tools help you plan your event, effectively market it to the right people and harvest powerful real-time data and insights to improve your conversions and prove your ROI.

Develop a seamless plan for your trade show participation

— Use Circa’s event budget feature to track trade show budgets. Filter and export custom views for different stakeholders across your organization, and track payments, invoices and more.
— Integrate with tools such asMicrosoft Outlook, Slack, Asana and other SaaS to enable quick and effective communication among team members. Bounce ideas, manage to-do lists, maintain accountability and navigate logistics using the tools you’re already familiar with.
— Align your sales and marketing teams with a single agenda and calendar, and share calendars with a simple and secure link. Easily avoid scheduling conflicts with reliable, real-time updates.

Personalize your marketing campaign to attract more qualified leads

— Use Circa to create polished branded landing pages that will drive registration.
— Seamlessly integrate with your CRM and other SaaS solutions to create a unified, branded experience for consumers.
— Use sales engagement alerts, past event analytics and attendee insights to attract more qualified leads by creating targeted and personalized communications.
— Leverage Circa’s features to establish a fluid and mobile-friendly registration process.

Measure performance in real-time

— Gain complete insight into your tradebshow performance so you can take action based on the knowledge you glean.
— Gather valuable data from your event with Circa’s report on engagement. Demonstrate ROI and the overall value of your event participation to all company stakeholders.
— Easily gather, qualify and followup with valuable leads to close more sales.
— Conveniently integrate and merge live and virtual event data directly into your CRM for ease of access and use.

Improve the value of your trade show interactions with Circa

— Deliver high-performing events by leveraging Circa’s many different features and tools to enhance your planning process, increase conversions and guide future event performance.
— Generate more leads and sales with real-time, data-rich insights while actively engaging your audience.
— Promote virtual, hybrid and in-person trade shows using Circa’s marketing tools, and stay connected with your audience.
— Gather qualitative feedback from attendees and staff with Circa’s post-event surveys. Send out branded and customized survey emails, track responses over time and compare responses by event type and customer segment.

Use Circa’s data-rich performance reports to grow your business

— Instead of just tracking registration, use Circa’s virtual event analytics to monitor engagement at virtual trade shows.
— Connect Circa’s data with your CRM to track sales influence and ultimately improve your conversion rate.
— Easily compare your virtual trade show performance with other marketing and advertising campaigns and events you’ve hosted or participated in.

Evolve into the next era of trade show participation, marketing and engagement with Circa

If you’re not using Circa, your trade show performance is full of untapped potential. By leveraging Circa’s tools and solutions, you can transform your company’s virtual, in-person and hybrid trade show engagement and provide a more immersive, personalized consumer experience.

When you’re ready to attract more qualified leads, capitalize on them and streamline your planning and event management process, Circa is the all-encompassing, centralized platform that delivers.Circa’s solutions are also backed with industry-leading security and built-in privacy protections for a safe, secure and effective automated program.

So what are you waiting for? Try Circa today and unlock its potential to fully upgrade your trade show performance and engagement. We offer full support and 24/7 access to engineers who can help you manage your dashboard and address any issues in a timely manner.