Why Circa?


Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Training for Employees, Staff and Customers

With Circa, you can streamline your organization’s training processes by organizing and scheduling meetings faster, whether they’re online, in-person, or both. Host virtual or hybrid training courses with a fully-branded experience and make it easy for attendees to access meeting details and engage as needed. Our solutions also enable you to track all meeting activities and drive future engagement by maintaining tighter training budget control, offering stress-free meeting management, and more.

Custom features built to educate consumers and grow your business

Educated customers are often the most loyal ones. So, when it comes to your organization’s long-term success, investing in training solutions is particularly advantageous. Circa’s robust platform of features empowers enterprise organizations with the tools and integrations they need to power scalable training programs that are effective, engaging, and that have the ability to increase revenue indirectly and directly over time.

Develop and deliver engaging education experiences

Show customers the value of using your product or services with memorable and positive training experiences. Use Circa to integrate popular event management tools for personalized learning, such as:

— Video conferencing via Zoom, GoTo Webinar, and more
— Management and communication tools like Asana or Slack
— Online file hosting with Google Drive
— Video learning
— Live video Q&As

Create scalable programs for audiences of all types

For large enterprise companies, scalability is key for a successful training program. With Circa, you can quickly create repeatable training programs that can be scaled for different vendors, consumers, franchisees, contract workers and more. Efficiently execute high-quality learning and development programs for a variety of purposes by leveraging Circa’s integration abilities and features to meet your organization’s training needs.

Track key performance indicators and prove ROI for businesses large and small

Collect and analyze consumer activity and training process flow with a single profile view. Use performance indicators such as course attendance rates, average completion times and pass/fail rates to measure overall impact and engagement. Integrate training event reports and analytics with your CMS to see how your consumers engage with the learning process to fine-tune your training methods and maximize your ROI.

Implement a variety of solutions integrated with platforms like Zoom and Google Suite

— Create custom, branded learning solutions for potential buyers, distributors, and many more applicable audiences.
— Establish quick-start training programs to connect with buyers immediately after closing a sale to build engagement and drive brand loyalty.
— Provide ongoing education to reinforce relationships with existing customers.
— Create certification programs for vendors to enhance brand loyalty and advocacy.

Differentiate your brand with personalized customer education activities

— Stand out from the competition by using Circa’s analytics and engagement reports to align training activities with specific points in a customer’s buyer journey.
— Improve the customer experience with customized and branded virtual training methods like e-learning, instructor-led training or virtual classroom training.
— Design customized landing pages, power event registration, and manage event budgets for on-site training.
— Run hybrid training events that guide attendees toward a sale.
— Identify opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling with Circa’s sales engagement alerts.

Deliver consistent training events to maximize earnings and customer satisfaction

— Reduce your organization’s support costs by providing convenient access to relevant learning content that empowers consumers to answer questions and resolve issues for themselves.
— Effortlessly host virtual training events and webinars with custom branded landing pages, forms and post-event surveys to gauge feedback.
— Use sales engagement alerts to monetize virtual engagement and attendee activities.
— Improve repeat purchases and renewals with ongoing training and education.
— Report on the sales, budgets and influence of virtual training programs to inform key company stakeholders.

Transform your company’s capabilities with Circa’s powerful tools

Circa’s features and integrations are designed to help your enterprise organization uncover important connections between consumer actions and outcomes. With rich data-based insights and flexible features and integrations, you can create and deliver powerful training materials and programs that improve customer satisfaction, meet your organization’s needs and set you apart from your competitors.

We emphasize safety and privacy above all, meeting security and privacy stands to ensure the protection of personal data and event details on an enterprise level. Circa adheres to all privacy regulations for safe and secure performance at every turn.

With Circa, you can truly reap the benefits of customer education and accurately gauge your company’s performance for future growth and development. Get started with Circa today to enhance your training and learning experiences for external audiences of all types. A Circa representative is available to answer your questions or provide pricing details when you’re ready.