Why Circa?


An Advanced Solution for Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Webinars

Deliver high-quality experiences at scale with Circa’s enterprise-grade solution

Hosting a successful webinar online can build your brand value and generate sales and qualified leads in an extremely cost-effective way. With Circa, you can plan, promote, execute, and analyze your virtual webinars with efficient event reporting and analytics. Our solutions and features can be customized to fit your organization’s needs, enabling you to host engaging virtual webinars that maximize your investment, enhance the attendee experience, and expand your audience via website and social media channels, all while receiving real-time insights on your webinar performance.

Creating amazing virtual experiences isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, Circa delivers end-to-end capabilities and features that allow you to plan and host an influential webinar at scale with your business needs and audience.

From sending out personalized, branded email campaigns to monitoring real-time insights and following up with surveys after your webinar, Circa provides an indispensable virtual experience solution with rich engagement insights to help you improve future webinars.

Ensure an engaging and impactful event

Use Circa’s flexible solutions to customize and publish a sleek landing page for your webinar. Design event registration and forms to integrate with your favorite email marketing platform for a comprehensive solution for virtual event marketing. Circa also streamlines collaborative planning and hosting efforts with integrations with Slack, GoogleDrive, and Asana integrations for easier and more effective event project management.

Reach the full potential of engagement - even for large audiences

Circa gives your organization the ability to take the attendee experience to new heights. Use Circa tools and features to establish an online space that provides opportunities to connect and network with peers and sponsors. Provide attendees with easy access to key webinar information and create engaging moments with networking opportunities, white boarding, real-time chat, post-webinar surveys and more. To build off your webinar engagement, Circa also provides sales engagement alerts, which enable your sales team to personalize outreach based on attendee interests and likely buyer persona.

Actively monitor engagement with advanced analytics tools

Use Circa’s rich virtual attendee insights to nurture more leads, increase conversions and close more sales. With a single profile view, Circa makes it easy to track and view ongoing attendee activity and automate data collection from your webinars without a single line of code.Your team can also empower sales by recording and sharing actionable attendee insights for webinars that not only boost engagement and brand visibility but also revenue.

Save time and effort by using a single platform for all your needs

— Manage your entire webinar strategy in one platform.
— Showcase a consistently branded experience to deliver enterprise-class webinar experiences.
— Enhance and improve communication and collaboration among team members.
— Access a variety of integrations so you can work with the tools you already feel most comfortable using.
—  Effortlessly merge customer data and webinar performance analytics with your CRM.
— Bring your webinar to life with customized, branded landing pages, registration, email marketing and more.

Flexible features and integration with tools you already use like Zoom and Google Suite

— Use virtual event templates to easily create and copy plans and branding for webinars.
— Connect with the video technologies of your choice, including Zoom, GoTo Webinar, Cisco Webex, LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live and more for secure, high-quality live-streaming.
— Enable speakers to host guests and facilitate breakout sessions.
— Give attendees the ability to easily join a webinar from any device with just a few clicks.
— Power your webinar registration with customizable landing pages, forms, and registration flow.

Analyze event participation data and build on your success

— Easily track how webinar attendees navigate your online sessions.
— Get insightful reports to understand how effective your webinar was and easily reference past webinar events and ROI results to fine-tune your process.
— Quickly capture and calculate sales leads from your webinars.
— Prove the value and influence of your webinars by sending post-event reports to sales executives and key stakeholders.
— Use Circa’s analytics to make changes and increase engagement when it counts the most.
— Send out dynamic post-event surveys to collect attendee feedback.

Let us show you how to take your webinars to the next level

In today’s world, enterprise companies need to be able to seamlessly adapt to the new era of virtual events. Circa empowers organizations to do so with industry-leading tools that offer a significant competitive advantage.

Start by maximizing your webinar’s reach and impact by effectively leveraging Circa’s integration tools and features. WithCirca, you can effectively plan, organize, and broadcast your webinar to a global audience of any size.

In addition to helping you deliver flawless webinars to your audience, our solutions are built with safety and privacy protection in mind. Circa meets all optimal security and privacy standards to ensure that any personal data collected is protected and adheres to all regulations.

If you’re ready to elevate your webinars, giveCirca a try today. Get a free demo below or contact a Circa representative for pricing details. We are available to answer any questions you have about Circa’s solutions and capabilities.