Why Circa?


Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Workshops

Workshop attendees want the chance to try out new methods and concepts in a safe and supportive environment. And you want the chance to get personal with your audience and dig up sales opportunities. Circa can help you achieve both by providing in-depth event analytics and insights that propel your sales and outreach, not just your future workshop attendance. Use Circa to plan efficiently, promote your workshop, gather qualitative feedback and data, and prove your event’s efficacy and value to the organizations and individuals that matter most to you.

Organize your workshop with speed and precision using Circa

If you aim to build an effective and successful workshop with fewer time-consuming tasks and more opportunities for strategic decision-making, Circa is the solution for you. Circa’s industry-leading tools are designed with enterprise businesses in mind, allowing you to automate your workshop planning process with a set of dynamic, easy-to-use tools. Optimize your time spent creating an influential workshop event by using Circa’s solutions to meet all your planning, registration, event management and reporting needs.

Automate your planning process and simplify budget management to save precious resources

Effortlessly manage budgets for a single workshop event or several events using Circa’s powerful solutions. Streamline communications with your team with powerful integration abilities via Slack, Microsoft Outlook and more. Use Circa’s event calendar and hybrid meeting scheduler to stay organized, quickly share real-time availability and track meetings with your CRM. You can also create and manage event briefs with customizable templates to fit your team and organization.

Enhance participation and attendance with sophisticated marketing

Circa provides you with one single, easy-to-use database where you can update customer and vendor contact information, manage surveys and organize email campaigns. Effortlessly send out email reminders and invitations to your contacts, and use real-time data and engagement analytics to make smarter decisions, nurture more leads and increase conversions.

Use Circa’s advanced features to integrate with other systems and report on workshop success

Circa’s virtual event ROI reporting feature gives you the ability to report on sales, budget and influence with real-time visibility. Simplify the reporting process by easily integrating with your CRM and automatically updating ROI metrics such as budgets and engagement time spent. You can even use Circa to filter reports for various key stakeholders with different priorities and enable stakeholders to submit requests for any workshop you host.

Create and customize a powerful workshop registration process

— Easy virtual, hybrid or in-person workshop registration with Circa offers a polished and branded attendee experience.
— Create and customize your workshop registration process, landing pages and forms so they are as simple or as complex as you need them to be.
— Send automated, personalized emails to workshop attendees and reduce time-consuming event management tasks.
— Integrate Zoom, Salesforce, Facebook Live and more to connect with attendees and provide a more immersive and memorable experience.
— Leverage sales alerts to make the most of prospect engagement during virtual workshops.
— Easily process payments, handle group discounts and submit refunds.

Host successful and innovative workshops with advanced integration and data-rich reports from Circa

— Effortlessly integrate Circa’s solutions with your CRM and other SaaS programs such as Salesforce, Google Apps, HubSpot and Mailchimp to use all of Circa’s advanced features most effectively.
— Review your workshop results and statistics over time to prove value, influence and ROI.
— Use Circa’s data-rich engagement reports to pursue more qualified leads, personalize marketing communications and improve future event performance.
— Use your organized data to drive attendees toward sales, not just workshop attendance.

Ready to experience Circa’s powerful solutions firsthand?

Circa was built to propel you into the next era of virtual events and beyond. With powerfully effective tools and solutions designed to help you conquer the nitty-gritty of event planning and management, you can use Circa alongside all the systems you’re already comfortable with to enhance and modernize your event planning process.

Circa’s solutions offer workshop organizers a strategic and diverse bundle of tools that can be used to power your next event. Whether you’re hosting virtual, in-person or hybrid workshops, you can save time and money while improving the attendee experience and simplifying workshop planning, management and reporting.

If you’re ready to make the leap or you’d like to learn more, contact a Circa representative to get started today.