Why Circa?

Why Circa?

Circa solves the struggle of managing events with lots of stakeholders


Circa is made for team collaboration. 

Circa has built-in access control and sharing tools that help keep large sales and marketing teams in sync. Real time visibility on event status and attendee engagement help keep everyone in the loop... even when there's thousands of events on your company's calendar!

event management

Circa provides a repeatable process for managing events.

Too many companies approach events as one-off projects. This leads to last-minute scrambles and suboptimal results... especially when a brand's reputation and sales opportunities are at stake!

marketing tools

Circa gives everyone access to the event info they need.

With so many software tools these days, it's no wonder that individuals and even entire teams often feel left out of the loop... and, more importantly, lack access to the key event info they need to excel.

ROI Data

Circa proves event ROI with data.

At the end of the day, most companies do events for sales or community growth... but few teams have access to the data that shows their actual results.

With Circa, post-event ROI is visible in real time and plugs right back into the planning process for your team's next event.

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