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Our Philosophy

We believe that live human-to-human engagement should be at the center of any marketing strategy.

Circa’s philosophy is that event and attendee data should be collected and managed in one system across all events, all event formats, and over time. This ensures that no data falls through the cracks. This empowers marketers to place events a the center of their marketing strategy.

Event-Centered Marketing

What do we mean by “event-centered” marketing? Philosophically, event-centered marketing means placing live human-to-human engagement at the front and center of your event marketing strategy. Practically, event-centered marketing requires an event marketing system that integrates well with your existing event and marketing technologies. This way, your events can be managed like any other digital channel. Circa is that system.

The Importance of Data

The recent focus on virtual events and the rich data that is now available from those events has started to open marketer’s eyes to a new world of possibilities. However, in many cases, these events are managed with a “one-and-done” philosophy.


Circa believes events should be managed with a focus on revenue. With its budgeting capabilities and rich ROI visualizations, Circa helps you determine which events are the most successful at driving revenue. Circa provides detailed attendee engagement data to give sales and marketing direct access to the information they need to close deals.


Many companies struggle with getting sales and marketing on the same page for events. With Circa’s cloud-based capabilities, sales and marketing can work as one on events.