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The Circa Difference

Most marketers agree that events are the most effective form of demand generation. Despite this, events have remained stubbornly difficult to fully integrate into the broader marketing strategy and operations for most companies. Therefore, the most valuable type of marketing engagement, which is live human-to-human engagement, has not been used to its full potential.

The Event Marketing Dilemma

Demand gen and field marketers use a wide range of event and marketing technologies to deliver virtual, hybrid, or in-person events.

Frequently, these solutions are not integrated which can result in poor collaboration between sales and marketing.

Our Solutions

Circa was founded by marketers for marketers to solve the data miscommunication problems we see in modern event technologies. Circa’s cloud-based event marketing platform integrates with the CRM and marketing automation solutions you already use to help sales and marketing work as one.


Track your attendee engagement data directly inside the Circa platform from event to event. Sync with your CRM campaigns for sales or marketing to take action.

Rich ROI Reporting

Access ROI visualization for every event in your channel.

Integration Cloud

Our practically limitless integration capabilities enable you to manage events across multiple platforms from one calendar-centered dashboard.


Circa is the only platform built to help sales and marketing collaborate as one.

Powering Events for Demand Gen & Field Marketing Teams

We help sales and marketing work as one on events anywhere, so you can unlock the value of your experiential marketing everywhere.