Hybrid Event Marketing: The 5 Metrics Every Executive Needs to Track

Kathleen Reed

As a marketing team leader, you know first-hand that data is everything. From determining whether or not a campaign was a success to reporting back to executive leadership on marketing strategy, it all comes down to the numbers.


For many marketing teams, tracking event ROI has always been pretty straightforward. There were in-person events and virtual events, each with its own set of associated metrics. Registrations, attendees, demos given, demo requests, brand reach – the list goes on. However, over the past year or so, marketing events have morphed into a best-of-both-worlds approach that combines elements of in-person and virtual events: the hybrid event.


Here are the key metrics event marketing executive need to track during your next hybrid marketing event:


—   Attendees per channel: While a hybrid event combines both in-person and virtual event activities, it is a good idea to track attendance and registration across the different channels. This way, your team can have an informed look at which activities perform higher across the board.


—   Marketing efforts per channel: If your team sees that your virtual speaker session, for example, has a higher attendance rate than your in-person demos, take a look at your marketing efforts. Did you promote the online speaker sessions more than the in-person activities? Tracking your results back to marketing and promotion efforts can help calculate ROI.


—   Brand awareness: One of the most important metrics to track across both in-person and virtual events is brand awareness. This means Google Analytics (how many times your brand was searched online), social mentions, interactions, and even content downloads.


—   Customer/prospect growth: To truly move the needle and show your executive team the relationship between demand gen efforts and sales, you need to track account growth. Was your in-person networking session able to move a prospect from ‘lead’ to ‘opportunity’? Did an online demo video result in a customer upsell for a new feature? Track it and let your executive team know.


—   Overall ROI: The overall ROI of hybrid marketing events combines all of the above data and other more straightforward metrics, such as budget, leads, registration, etc. If you’re presenting to your executive team on hybrid events, you will need a precise number to show them just how successful things are.


Introducing Circa for marketing executives


Marketing executives are constantly looking for new ways to bridge the gap between demand gen efforts and field marketing campaigns. With Circa, your marketing team can deliver unique hybrid events without incredibly high budgets. Plus, by tracking the correct data through Circa, your team can show the right ROI for the right activities, even for hybrid events.


You can learn more about Circa for marketing executives here.


Hybrid Event Marketing: The 5 Metrics Every Executive Needs to Track

Kathleen Reed
Kathleen Reed


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