When to Host a Hybrid Marketing Event: 4 Considerations

Alex Patriquin

For most modern marketing teams, event marketing is a huge focus – or at least it was. The past year put event marketers to the test, forcing teams to re-think how they deliver customer and prospect engagement in a virtual world. Now, as things start to get back to normal, event marketers are looking at the potential of leveraging the benefits of both virtual and in-person events in a single, new approach: the hybrid marketing event.


The best of both worlds


Virtual and in-person marketing events both bring different value to the table for marketers. On the virtual side, event marketers can be more flexible and creative in driving registrations, leveraging technology to drive engagement, and driving more online actions throughout the event. With in-person events, event marketers can forge personal relationships; deliver unique value to white-glove customers and prospects, and increase brand awareness with a broader audience.


Hybrid events incorporate the best of both of these worlds. For example, marketers can promote a unique, in-person experience while keeping an online option open until the event starts for virtual participants. Hybrid events are also turning out to be an excellent way for marketing teams to ease back into hosting in-person events without alienating the subset of attendees who may not feel comfortable with going back to normal quite yet.


Considerations for hosting a hybrid event


If your team is considering hosting a hybrid event, ask yourselves these questions to determine if this is the right approach:


1. What value will a hybrid event deliver versus just a virtual or in-person event? Planning and executing a hybrid event adds an extra layer of complexity to just a virtual or in-person event, so there needs to be a specific value to go with this approach.


2. Will your target attendees embrace this hybrid approach? While your internal team may be excited about a hybrid approach, does your audience feel the same way? Before you start planning your big hybrid event, do a quick pulse check to see if this is something the market is interested in attending.


3. Is your team equipped to host a hybrid event? Hybrid events require some pretty specific technology applications to run smoothly. Ensure your team has the right equipment and technology to deliver an optimal attendee experience, regardless of whether the attendee is virtual or in-person.


4. How will this event fit into your larger event marketing strategy? While the cost of hosting in-person and virtual events may vary from event to event, hybrid events combine the costs – and the value – of both of these approaches in one. Hybrid events should have a clear value in your larger event marketing strategy to warrant the time and investment.


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When to Host a Hybrid Marketing Event: 4 Considerations

Alex Patriquin
Alex Patriquin


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